Wed, 06 Apr 2005

An open letter to the Citizens of Onalaska

The minimum wage has been stagnant for too long. Yes, most people are not affected by the minimum wage, but the poorest among us will accept whatever an employer will offer. Let’s bring some kind of justice to this.

If you are blessed with a higher paying job, or on a cost of living adjusted retirement you have not felt the effects of low minimum standards.

The State of Wisconsin should take the lead on this issue, but the Assembly and Senate are too busy fighting for political advantages. The City of La Crosse is afraid of being an island in western Wisconsin and with good reasons. Business owners do not want to keep track of multiple wage levels and cut in dates. We need to lead, be compassionate and take action in a more organized manner.

I suggest that we petition the Common Council of Onalaska to align the minimum wage required within the City of Onalaska with the City of La Crosse ordinances. This will allow for the cities to continue cooperating in the area’s development.

Write to

The Common Council
415 Main Street
Onalaska, WI
Phone: (608) 781-9530
Fax: (608) 781-9534
Email addresses of the Council are found at

An open letter to the Citizens of Onalaska

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