April 26, 2005

If I was ever embarrassed to carry the moniker of Republican, it is certainly most true when Chris Muller, the chair of our local organization says, “If an adult is earning minimum wage then it must be because of a lack of education and training or a lack of willingness to achieve.”

It took a Republican to free this country from the tyranny of slavery; I hope a Republican can free this country of rampant greed that oppresses those it can. The “I-ME-MINE” nation cannot long stand. The world will not carry it, the hungry will not feed it.  Where is the America that my flag stands for?  One nation, under God, indivisible, caring and bringing the hope of the future to its people and all the people of this planet.

Regarding the raising the minimum wage, Muller says,” Instead of pushing the wealthy down why not try to raise the poor up?” And I agree. Why should we allow businesses to push the cost of feeding, housing and caring for the poor on those of us who do pay decent wages?

Muller would have the good business men and women of this community subsidize the lack of an adequate business plan by a few.

Why is it that gasoline can be raised a hundred percent in price, but we MUST not pay the person who picks our food any more than the bare minimum because it would ruin the economy? Where are the bankers and investors who approve of business plans paying below poverty wages?  This kind of poor ‘planning’ only breeds more poverty in our community.

Muller says,” We are extremely blessed in this nation to have limitless resources.”  We do have limitless imagination and hope, but our national resources are far from limitless.  We have responsibilities to use all our national wealth wisely, including our human resources.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, for the past three years profits have grown at the fastest rate since World War II -14.5 percent annually after inflation. For those same three years, wage and salary income grew at less than a tenth as fast as profits – the least of any other postwar recovery.

Let’s do a better job of carrying our responsibilities. Let’s do a better job of lifting all people up and remind the “successful” with whose labor they have climbed so high.

We should raise the minimum wage in the city of Onalaska to at least match that passed in La Crosse.

Republicans Must Return to Conservative Ideals

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