Fri, 14 May 2004

I Apologize.

As a member of the La Crosse County Republican Party, I would like to apologize for actions taken during the President’s visit.

This was a complicated political event with legitimate security needs. The last time the President came to La Crosse on a Presidential visit, there were too many tickets printed and distributed which left many ticketed people barred from entry at Logan High School’s front door.

I can understand the wishes of all to put on a good face for this visit. But there was no reason to block access to many members of this community .

I apologize to those denied access for stating they did not vote for the President in the last election. One decides best by being open and listening to both candidates. You made an effort to come and hear the President and we denied you the opportunity. I am sorry.

I apologize to Sandra McAnany and others who identify themselves as Republicans who could not express their views in matters of policy. Every one in a free society has the right to their opinions and the right to voice those opinions. You chose to wear your opinion and were refused access to hear your candidate speak. I am sorry.

I apologize to Mayor Medinger. As the non-partisan mayor of the hosting city, you should have been invited and given the opportunity to represent the city. I am sorry.

I apologize to Guy Wolf, personally and to all those who wished voice their opinions in a peaceful organized manner.

I am sorry that we did not take this opportunity to show how our party can be open and inclusive, progressive and welcoming.

I am sorry, if we offended you.

John Sarnowski

Not My Republican Party

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