Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003

ONALASKA – Wake up!

Why are you sleeping?

Maybe it’s all the numbers that have you nodding off.  Yes, City Hall was built and you thought it was too big. And  who approved that multi-million dollar extravagance?


Wake up! The Onalaska City Council has just spent $15 million of your taxes for a parking ramp on private land.

FOCUS!!! We are talking MILLIONS. A ramp costing $7.5 Million (nearly FOUR Swimming Pools worth) is to be paid for by YOU. This plus interest to fund the project will drive the cost over $15 MILLION.

Wake up! This multi-million dollar parking ramp will save the developer land worth a whopping $700,000 dollars. That’s correct the City will build and pay interest of over $15 million to save land worth $700,000.

Why? Because the developer Gundersen Clinic says that they can’t possibly build what they want without a ramp. The same people who just built the Cancer Center in LaCrosse. How many floors did they add to their La Crosse parking ramp?

NONE! They don’t have a LaCrosse ramp.

Your Alderpersons, and Mayor were joined by members of the County board who whole heartedly support the expense. Why not? The County gets their taxes, WWTC gets their share.
Ooops, the Onalaska School District is under caps so they won’t be seeing any increase. And that leaves you out too because ALL the taxes from “the largest commercial development in the history” of Onalaska are going to pay for the ramp. YUP! all 25 years worth.

Where will you be in twenty-five years when the Clinic starts paying for services they will have been receiving for over a quarter century?

Call the Mayor, Alderpersons, or the CDA board and tell them “No Thank You.”

John Sarnowski

Onalaska, Wake Up!

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