April 26, 2006

Clean government is good for Wisconsin, we are all for it.
SB1 is good for Wisconsin, returning to squeaky clean government.
The Wisconsin Senate thinks it’s a good idea, heck they voted for it, and passed it.

The Governor thinks its a good Idea, he says he will sign it.
The Wisconsin Assembly thinks it’s a good idea, they let it out of committee so you all can vote on it.

Let’s do that.  Let the Assembly vote.
That’s the spirit.   A quick, no muss, up or down, roll call vote.
You know like the big boys do in Washington when they want a new Supreme Court judge or something.

Be big boys.  Do your job.  Let  Wisconsin know you work for us.  Get John Gard to put if up for a vote this week. It won’t take long.  If the someone in the Assembly doesn’t know what’s in this bill yet, then they should get a new job.

Don’t tell me TABOR took all your time,  or that you would have voted for this great step forward in cleaning up Wisconsin, but that you couldn’t find the time, your dog ate the bill, you left it in your other pants, etc. etc.

Let us see you do your job now.

Let Wisconsin see who is for clean  government.

John Sarnowski

Open Letter to Mike Huebsch

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