An ounce of prevention… Yup, we all know how the saying goes.

Well let’s start with “A dollar of prevention is worth….” What?

At this point, we, Americans, spend 50% more on health care than any country in the world, and the money isn’t buying us better health. If you look at the numbers, when it comes to infant mortality compared to other countries, we are 45th. Worse than Cuba. When it comes to life expectancy, we’re 50th. Behind, by the way, Bosnia and South Korea. And so today we ask the question, why is this happening? What’s going on in health care that makes it so impossible to hold costs down? “ This American Life 391:More is Less

Healthcare costs are eating us alive, all of us. Workers can’t get a lift in pay because employers are burdened with ever increasing premiums. Soon more than half the average income in the US will be spent on healthcare. Do we need a war on healthcare? Probably not the best idea.

Then what can Wisconsin legislators do to end the spiral and return to a sane and beneficial healthcare system? First off let’s fix things we can fix.


Wisconsin law requires the state to follow Federal guide lines but currently a child in Wisconsin would need 3 times the Federal guideline of lead contamination to be considered for treatment. Three times the Federal limit is worse than Flint Michigan water.

If we remove lead from our drinking water we can save costs down the road. Why not spend more on prevention than on the effects that lead has on our children and their future?

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